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Are you suffering from chronic pain?

Have you been recently injured and need help
to regenerate your muscles back to their
original strength?

There is a way to relieve your joint pain

  • Without Surgery
  • Without STEROIDS
  • With a NON INVASIVE treatment


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This treatment is based on the theory that chronic pain is often caused by laxity or looseness of the ligaments that are responsible for keeping a joint stable. When ligaments and tendons are loose, the body compensates by using muscles to stabilize the joint thus resulting in muscle spasm and pain. A lack of ligament and tendon healing leads to chronic pain. Prolotherapy treatment involves a series of injections of natural solutions into the injured area around such ligaments and tendons. These solutions caused the tissue to proliferate or grow, increasing the strength and thickness of the ligaments and tendons. This tightens the joint and relieves the burden on the surrounding muscles thus stopping muscle spasms and the associated pain.

How does PROLOTHERAPY work?

Prolotherapy is short for proliferation therapy. The treatment works by injecting a substance that causes irritation into the ligament or tendon. The irritant forces the body to respond by sending its healing mechanism to affect the problem. The injection primarily acts as a beacon; this beacon lets the body know that this area needs repair, and the body responds appropriately.

What CONDITIONS can be treated with PROLOTHERAPY?

Prolotherapy is used to treat arthritis, back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, unresolved whiplash injuries, chronic tendinitis, partially torn tendons, ligaments, cartilage, degenerated or herniated disks, TMJ, and sciatica.


Practically any person who suffers from chronic pain in joints due to unhealed connective-tissue/ligament and tendon damage can be a candidate. Prolotherapy is used in the treatment of acute injuries especially sports injuries, when you want accelerated healing. You may be an elite athlete in need of fast and long term relief or a chronic pain patient, and everything in between. Ultimately, it is Dr Charles F. Mahl who decides if you are suitable for treatment, and this may vary for each individual.


Not all doctors are created equal in experience, knowledge, techniques, training and even common sense. Success rates are different in each physician’s hands. One doctor may charge more because he doesn’t “cut corners” or use cheap products or equipment. That same doctor will use the finest supplies, instruments, and staff to make sure you get the best possible results and chances for success. This doctor’s costs may be $500 while another may have cost of only $50 for “the same” treatment. If you’re going to put something in your body, you better make sure it’s the best product available in the hands of the best doctor, because if you have a problem, you will be paying so much more to correct it. Don’t be penny wise and pound-foolish. Don’t scrimp on your healthcare.

As for insurance coverage, most do not pay for Prolotherapy injections, still regarding it as unproven (Dr Mahl is living proof of its benefits), however modern research is showing that there is significant improvement with Prolotherapy, particularly for conditions such as hips, backs, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, knees, ankles and more.

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Dr. Mahl spent years learning every detail and technique of prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells. He is a recognized specialist in Prolotherapy and is asked to speak and teach all over the United States and Latin America.

He also trains and teaches other physicians in the art and science of Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Prolotherapy and PRP in his Coral Gables office on a monthly basis.

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Avoid Surgery whenever possible. Control inflammation smartly, keep your weight down
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